La Brulerie Restaurant

Our International menu is headed by chef and a sous-chef working along with a maitre´d and a team of service and culinary professionals.
In the midst of this little paradise these professionals have designed a traditional menu enriched with their own creations, incorporating fresh ingredients and savory seasonings into fine cuisine. Seafood, meats, pastas, soups, gourmet sandwiches and local dishes are served in the midst of lively birds and sights of our beautiful and antique coffee Estate. Tasting our house coffee is a must! We’ve been exporting coffee since 1929 to the most demanding specialty coffee markets around the world. Order it fresh in any of our brewing methods: Espresso, Drip, Chemex, Vac-Pac or French Press.
From a terrace or inside our cozy restaurant, coffee or wine becomes a surreal experience along with the magnificent Panamanian tropical sights.
We enjoy a steady climate with temperatures in the range of the 60s year-long generated by ocean winds that come both from the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. These winds mingle together at an altitude of 5200 ft. above sea level. Experience authentic and exquisite high-altitude food in our restaurant or terrace.