Coffee Tour

The coffee tour begins in the fields of Boquete where we can get a glimpse of the three vital factors that influence the coffee’s quality: the soil, the micro-climate, and the particular genetics of the variety. Next we will learn about the history, origin, qualities and secrets of coffee handling. In the second phase of the tour, we will learn about coffee production all the way from ripe coffee cherry to roasted bean.
What makes this tour unique, besides the invaluable ecological reserve that the coffee plantation shares, is its history that was always tied to ToleffBocheMonniche. Toleff was a Norwegian engineerand graduate from the Royal College of Dresden, Germany, who worked on the design and construction of the Panama Canal’s emergency gates.
The tour ends at the Tasting Table where the long, intense and complex coffee process ends. This is also the place where we find out whether or not a whole year’s work produced a high quality coffee. Those that participate will taste different varieties of coffee and learn how to distinguish between different taste tones. Instruction will be given on how to prepare a good cup of coffee by learning about water temperature, time, toasting and grinding, and different brewing methods like Coffee Maker, French Press, Drip brew and Boiling. This tour illustrates the coffee culture in a fun way, helping the participant better enjoy this legendary aromatic drink. After a tour like this, a cup of coffee will never taste the same!